Another upcoming Breach Unique!

As much as I enjoy interesting builds, something PoE makes increasingly possible, it's really hard to justify utilizing items like this in a build that is fun, but ultimately unproductive toward end-game.

I played an AB Freeze build last league. I got to 36/40 and stopped. I had to pay people to kill bosses for me in order to get to that 36/40. Halfway through, even though my tree was pretty good, I realized how useless freeze becomes at higher levels, and respecced a lot of freeze an chill to just...damage. For mob packs? Sure. Things that can chill and freeze? Sure. Ambrius? Cool, he can chill, pretty easy when the boss can chill.

I just wanted to chill and play. But that became increasingly difficult as bosses became increasingly resistant to my freeze and chill effects, or completely resistant. My build was rendered useless by certain bosses, and I still don't understand why.

So there's this amulet. Cold damage? Not that much. Freeze duration? Useless. Chance to freeze? Useless. 60% increased damage? Sometimes will be useful, but ultimately useless 1v1.

I'm not asking for a complete rehaul of things. PoE. GGG. Please. I just want to chill forever with you. So I guess what I'm really

/u/Bex_GGG ...will I ever be able to PoE and chill with you to the end?

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