Another way to keep your playerbase active and logging in all the time... a Login Calendar. (credit unknown?)

Ive been playing a game called Rogue Company its like 4 v 4 third person shooter, Today they released an update that straight up does this. Every week there is a 7 day recurrent log in reward that gives you get like 150 premium currency and a lot of other rewards if you dont miss a day, they added a new monthly reward of an extra 150 if you big quest line event that goes weekly of about 24 challenges 6 challenges are unlocked every week to give you something extra to work for,plus they already have free tier for the monthly battle pass that gives you another 150 credits and many rewards. If you combine them all you could actually get like another 900 per month just 100 shy of getting the premium tier of the battle pass and another 900 credits. That means that if were to play a lot,log in everyday i would actually be able to keep getting premium battle pases every month once you grind enough for your first one.

If this game were to have something like this it would be awesome let alone that Rogue Company is a free to play game and this shit costs money.

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