Antarctica's "doomsday glacier" could raise global sea levels by 10 feet. Scientists say it's "holding on today by its fingernails."

If you're trying to say your comment wasn't full of doom, you should re-read it:

the truth is the alarmists are much more keenly aware

the scientist said it's in our hands, which to me seems even more pessimistic

every time we make gains in green energy, we just burn more fossil fuels

we're not good at recognizing longer term, complex and nonlinear processes

what are our best options right now? the Paris accords, even if somehow every nation kept their promises, we'd still be at 2 degrees warming in a few decades. that's basically the point of no return

the green new deal? you think workers in the oil industry are going to vote for someone who will take away their jobs? you think liberals will follow through on promises that will increasingly marginalized the poor and POCs?

the near future will not resemble the past. heat, disease, war, thirst and starvation are all going to increase exponentially

I don't think it's fair or accurate to say you're being realistic just because you put one remark about mitigation inside a big doom sandwich. The overwhelming tone of your comment is "give up hope"-- especially all the questions you asked, i.e. "what's our best case scenario? The point of no return." By all means, stand aside and do nothing, but stop trying to persuade others to join you.

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