Anterior Pelvic Tilt exercises.

This is something I wrote in another post:

I've had a pretty severe case of anterior pelvic tilt and I managed to fix it. This is how I did it:

Stretch the lower back:

stretch the hip flexors, quads:

stretch the hamstrings link:

The stretches alone probably won't be strong enough so what you'll have to do is massage these tight body parts with a hard ball before you stretch them. Massaging in itself will break down a lot of tension .

Sometimes massage will work, sometimes finding a trigger point (very sensitive, painful, tight spot) and just staying on it until the pain subsides will work.

A good tip for identifying trigger points is this: when you press on it the pain TRAVELS to another place on the body. It's like referral pain. Example: "pressing on the butt and the pain travels through the whole leg."

It's a sign of chronic tension, stubborn long lasting tension. Focus your attention on these parts.

Start with a tennis ball and when you can take it do it with a baseball or hockey ball (harder balls lol).

I promise that with these 3 exercises you won't have anterior pelvic tilt anymore and you'll feel great doing these exercises. I've done them all.

Kit laughlin's youtube channel is the best if you suffer from posture problems or just want to improve flexibility. I highly recommend it.

Send me a private message if you want to go further o just need advice on something. I'm working with my posture as we speak, my posture is pretty good now but I striving for fantastic haha.

PS: each stretch must be done for a minimum of 2 minutes for the tissues to change.

Good luck NofapnoGlory

Don't give up

PS: This site might interest people looking to clean their gut and intestines to get rid of the slouched stomach.

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