Anthem summed up in one image (PS4)

It's terribly unbalanced and has a lot of gameplay and technical issues that need to be solved, but not only that it's just the same mission concept over and over, go to point a scan thingy, go to point b scan thingy, go to point c stand in thingy.

I might be over exaggerating on the mission concept, however it appears the loot system is incredibly unbalanced and terrible as well, as in loot feels extremely underwhelming.

I'm simply basing this off what I've heard in reviews, 2 friends and reddit threads. I'd suggest looking at some reputable reviewers on youtube who give their honest opinions on the game, bugs, gameplay, story and all.

The game definitely interests me combat wise and such, but it needs a lot of time to turn into not a shitshow and sad excuse of a game.

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