Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz 2 - A CLOSER LOOK

Ruiz Jr deserves the respect if he wins though. AJ doesn't.

AJ too busy keeping those belts hostage not doing what champions do by making the big fights happen and instead was too busy making negotiations giving shit offers to people e.g. Whyte and Wilder.

Enter Miller who decided to take the crap offer and then when he got busted Ruiz Jr decided to take it. Joshua doesn't deserve the respect because he thought he was going to have an easy fight and he lost by getting completely outclassed by a fat guy who had a few week camp and just got back into boxing after being out for a while and may lose again because he hasn't made any changes to the 47 yes men around him.

You walk around walking and talking like Joshua as if you have a key on your back nobody will respect you. You also don't call one of the greatest HWs a clown because that will make people lose respect for you too. It's not just what he does this weekend it's how he behaves outside too.

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