Anti-bragging time! How badly have you gotten your ass kicked?

1.) Was in Dublin, Ireland when I was a teen. Got sucker-punched by a junkie in his mid-20s. I turned into the punch, too. He ran after it. Broke my nose good and proper.

2.) Was training no-gi BJJ as a complete amateur, was rolling with a Judo champ who also had years of BJJ training. He just mounted and I couldn't do anything...probably the most helpless I've ever felt, physically.

There is having weight, and knowing how to use it.

3.) Was helping to break up a fight during a rugby match when I got clocked by 4 clean hooks to the jaw...left, right, left, right. It was my own teammate who did it. I remember my knees nearly gave way on the third hook, but I was able to regain my senses. Luckily I had my mouth guard in! Bought me a pint after and we were laughing about it.

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