Anti bucket list. What’s something you never want to do again?

Every time I go to the dentists they’re also trying to scare me into getting them removed. It’s like, dude, they’re back there, they’re growing, everything is fine. Just leave them alone.

“Oh they’ll be harder to clean” “oh they’ll just rot out anyway might as well take them out now” “they might shift your other teeth” “this one is growing in sideways”

Okay well the one growing in sideways is just chilling there not doing anything really. It’s not growing at all and has just been chilling just the surface for years. Another took literally 15 years to grow in completely but it’s there and healthy.

“Ohhh but it was impacted and is going to rot under the gum!!!”

That is NOT TRUE. It’s an alive piece of my body and is literally hooked up to my immune system.

Unless the tooth is painful or actually decaying, wisdom teeth removal is a total sham.

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