Anti-lockdown protests met with heavy police presence in Melbourne | ABC News

You can stay home if you feel unsafe. That is your choice. You can wear a mask if you feel unsafe. That is your choice. So why do want to deny me my choice to go out and live my life how I see fit and safe?

I am not stopping anyone here from talking or doing what they want to do. But plenty of people want to stop me from doing those.

I am fine with people wearing masks, staying home. I will wear a mask if I feel the need to. I stay home if I am sick.

I believe there are better alternatives but they can get you arrested in Victoria.

I will delete my post and comments how I see fit to. I delete them for reasons I will not discuss with you. I leave them for 24 hours so people can see them and down vote or reply. I usually get back to everyone who wants a conversation.

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