Anti-Vax 'Mother' denies Vitamin K shot for newborn child, child is now severely brain damaged after <5 weeks

It's a bit more nuanced than that. The ADR incidence for FQs is vastly underreported because the side effects can be significantly delayed (months to up to a year or more).

Further, FQs have a very unfavorable safety profile compared to other antibiotics, which is demonstrated by the 7 different black box warnings by the FDA, and the fact that the EMA has ruled in 2018 that these antibiotics can only be used when all other antibiotic classes have failed.

In my country, it has even gone so far that patients will not get their money back if the antibiotic is prescribed for something for which it is not approved.

Despite all this, doctors are still prescribing it in massive numbers because indeed, if you want to kill a bacterium, this will do the job just fine. It is being prescribed for benign conditions, in many cases in situations where there is not even a bacterial infection present.

People are losing their lives overnight because of this. The damage is systematic and the quality of life in people who are affected just plummets.

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