Antisemitic Attitudes Across the Ideological Spectrum

Okay I'm doing a close reading of this bad boy, and I'll be straight up that I have low expectations.

> "Violent antisemitic attacks have not exclusively come from right-wing white nationalists. Recent attacks in the New York area have come primarily from African Americans.8 Some of the recent violence, including deadly attacks at a kosher supermarket and at a chanukah party, were seemingly spurred by conspiracy theories originating from Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan."

aaaaaaaaaaaand they ate shit on page one. The idea that Farrakhan is anything but an extremely Conservative religious bigot is insane. This paper straight up said black people = left wing.

> "In addition, our evidence suggests significantly higher rates of antisemitic attitudes among racial minorities relative to whites across the ideological spectrum."

While I don't want to say I disbelieve this on its face, I'm highly suspicious that they are giving white Evangelicals and Christian Zionists a massive pass on being insanely antisemitic because they blame their religion for it, and don't necessarily say they hate us, just that we need to gtfo out America to fulfill their doomsday prophesy.

It does worry me that they are focusing on the alt-Right so much, since I really think that religious conservatives are a much greater threat in terms of numbers, though not in terms of terrorism really.

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