Antonio Brown yells at cops, ex wife after altercation at his house

Exactly. And when I try to have discussions on the whole topic of mental health, I feel like it’s one of those “with us or against us” issues. Like the only way to be supportive is to be blindly supportive. And here is why I keep one foot turned away. What is considered “healthy”? Is it possible that as we are nurtured that sometimes our brains form in certain ways. Ways that result in certain personalities? Of course? So now we have a norm and a disorder? According to what? A different way to brain functions? So is it a spectrum/scale or cut off?

My point is, what if we just keep coming up with more and more diagnoses? That guy’s an ass, that guy gets nervous sometimes, she yells at her bf when he didn’t do anything wrong. All these people have tendencies outside the acceptable norm. They have a “disorder” because they act outside the acceptable order. Let’s drug em. Let’s drug more and more people so they start to function within the acceptable order. Yeah. Let’s do that.

It sounds ridiculous and conspiratorial, and I don’t mean it like that. It’s completely plausible and has already happened, the difference being, it’s accepted by everyone because it’s wrong to question or even talk about the subject.

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