Anxiety help

Ill apologize ahead of time for the wall of text, but this sounds exactly like myself at a certain point in time, so I want to try to be helpful.

Option 1) Therapy I did end up seeing a therapist, but she didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, but that may be different for you if you choose to see one. Therapists can be very helpful, but you have other options if you don't have access to one.

Option 2) If you're not about that therapist life My advice is to first, find the trigger(s) of your anxiety. Try get rid of or at least alter this trigger. If it's something out of your control (or if you don't have a trigger and your anxiety is simply brought on at random) learn to cope and control it. How do I do that? Trial and error. Try everything. Everything (except anything harmful to yourself, that's simply numbing, not controlling it) but I'll list a few below

If you're having a panic attack you want something fast acting, breathing patterns sound like bullshit but I promise you they're helpful, inhale for 3 counts, hold, and exhale 3, or whatever tickles your pickle. If you have more time, or sense the first signs of anxiety/ a panic attack, turn on some calming music (the xx is my go-to in this case) if you're not into music, listen to white noise or nature, or silence/ your breathing counts. Next, close your eyes and get comfortable staying upright, maybe lean your back on something. Keep breathing and chillin like that until your mind is clear, it may take 5 minutes it may take 50, but it'll happen eventually, so don't give up even if it feels like eternity. At this point, you're meditating. It's what helped me the most. But if you're not into that, read a book, hum a song, count backwards, like I said it's all trial and error, see what you like.

Once you gain the control to stop or lessen your anxiety you will notice a significant difference in yourself. It may be hard to find your way to control it but never turn to anything harmful, in the end you won't be able to truly enjoy the satisfaction of gaining the control over your own feelings. So persevere and find it! With time, you'll find yourself using your mechanism less and less often, because you have control, and by then, hopefully you'll feel better op.

Hope this was wall was at least somewhat helpful, and if you ever need someone to talk to about anxiety, feel free to PM me, best of luck :)

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