Any advice for a new PC owner?

This is what I do.

(If you use Windows 7,8, and 10)

  1. Get a external hard-drive
  2. Store personal information, documents, and files in there. I suggest 500GB you can get 1TB or more if you want the more is better and one more thing I suggest get WD My Passport.
  3. Create System Image and put it on your external hard-drive.
  4. When creating System Image make sure do it when your PC is at its fresh after installing your OS. Don't install any software like STEAM, Origin, etc... (The heavy stuff) only the ones that are important such as in my case StartIsBack because I didn't like the default Start Menu ($2.99 per PC) for Win10. I really like StartIsBack's version because it just felt natural in my case.
  5. If you use Chrome or Firefox please install plugins these are just my preference:
  • Block Site (You can block which site you don't want great for procrastination. Which is why it was built for and for parents as well.)
  • Anti Porn (/r/NoFap)
  • Disconnect (Prevents sites from storing data and using it)
  • Avast Online Security (If you browse google it will tell you which sites are safe to browse on.)
  • Enhance Steam (If you go to STEAM's store page on Chrome you can see the sales history or keep up which games are on SALES.)
  1. You don't have to do this you can install anti-virus software. I have the Bitdefender's lifetime license link if anyone here is interested:

Stay safe my fellow PC Master Race!

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