Any have any info about CCNY’s MFA Film program?

Update! Professor A.Tibaldi (head of the fiction department, MFA CCNY) making a film with his former students from China, he even got some budget from them. China is getting bigger and bigger in a film industry, very nice growing market. Who am I to judge? But in my universe professor should help his student to make films, not vice versa. Because there is striking conflict of interest, 40% students are coming from China (most of them are wealthy enough to spend 50-100k to produce their theses), and huge percentage of them usually gets extra funding, e.g. BAFTA (all nominees promoted by the department). Friend of mine told me that department is more attentive and enthusiastic towards students from China in general, also professors could help foreign students more willingly (from certain regions, if they want to have an insider there for their own future projects). 30% accepted into this program are locals with no money per say, just childish ideas to make it in Hollywood. Funny isn't it?

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