Do you have any backup plans if your dating life collapses?

I’m 33 and I had no trouble dating or meeting women or having girlfriends or fuck buddies until these last 2.5 years. Mostly due to getting over a break up and dealing with mental health stuff initially but I honestly tried the apps for a good 6 months and I had ONE hook up. I was ghosted probably 30 times by women who planned the fucking date. I don’t know how many conversations just up and ended one day. From literally 50 hours worth of talking to suddenly poof gone or the typical three word replies that I just say fuck it and don’t respond to because they aren’t putting effort in.

I’ve basically accepted a few things: I am no longer desirable by women like I once was, which is fucking dumb as I’m in the best shape of my life, I don’t drink or do drugs, I have a cool job, I’m incredibly talented, I’m considered at the very least attractive but definitely Hot to a lot of women, meet the beastly 666 requirements and more but here’s the thing - I’m not FUN anymore, I don’t party, I don’t have a super excitable personality, no more late nights, I like to read philosophy and mysticism, etc…so ya it’s on me - I could return to poor behaviors like alcoholism and I’d bet my life id get a girlfriend in two months and at the very least get laid. Hell, I could probably go to a bar and get faded tonight and pick up a chick. But I don’t want that. I want love and a relationship, tho fuck me I guess cause that seems to be the LAST thing women want [with me] now.

I missed my shot. My last relationships end which devastated me really devastated me for reasons - it felt like that was my last opportunity for love.

And I honestly still, nearly 3 years later, love that fucking girl! It’s retarded! My version of love doesn’t seem to be a reciprocal possibility with women.

So I think I just don’t even like women anymore.

What am I gonna do?

Take more time until the love fades enough that my libido overpowers me and see escorts. I can afford it. They are hot. I crave touch. Problem solved.

And that’s what I’ll do til the day I die.

As a wise man once told me “if it drives, floats, flies, or fucks - rent it”.

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