Any Brexiters care to explain what is so controversial about holding a final referendum?

I dont want any more referendums/referenda until the process is cleared up, we all had issues with the last ones and none of those issues have been addressed. Sort that out first.

assuming that had been done, the problem with a 2nd one on Leaving the EU is the path we take as a country after the result. And that depends on the question asked...
Each person has a different idea of what a 2nd question would be and what path we would take after each result. yours is different to mine, and different to the next persons . Any repeat would upset enough people to make any result just fuel to the fire of argument .

Finally, and I know you are grateful for that, it appears we have had 2 govt departments working on a solution. they couldn't find anything suitable. How do you think such a complex issue can be simplified can be simplified enough into a binary question the public can decide on?

ps. and after all that we can only decide the UK proposal, we cant decide the EUs agreement to it. So the whole referendum would be pointless.

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