Any former Astros fans?

Former Astros fan here. I bled Astros orange my entire life. I literally never thought that anything could get between me and my fan hood, but, I was wrong. This cheating scandal has literally turned my life upside down. I decided I can no longer support them.

To the yankee fan who wrote this: back when I was an Astros fan, you guys put up some good fights that made for some great baseball and great memories, I’ll never forget those fun and competitive series.

To the Rangers fans/org: when I was an Astros dan, I hated you guys passionately for so long, but now, the Rangers are completely cool in my book. I hope you all get much deserved satisfaction when you beat the Astros.

Currently I live in San Diego, I guess I’ll just be a Padres fan now (that was depressing to write, just like I am sure it is depressing to read).

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