Any game in which I can acquire insane powers?

In Borderlands 2, if you play Gaige the Mechromancer and go Anarchy mode, you will feel like a freaking god.

Basically, Anarchy is stacked. 1 stack on kill, 1 stack on empty reload. Adds 1.75% to damage and takes away 1.75% accuracy. Full stacks at 400. Meaning 700% damage and -700% accuracy. You have to walk right up to enemies if you want to hit anything, but they WILL feel it.

Add a skill she has that makes most shots that hit walls ricochet to enemies. Then do it with a shotgun.

You shoot the floor, and you get homing pellets that strike with the force of one full shotgun blast each. Up to 16 pellets per shot depending on your shotgun, 16 is triple-barreled.

That's right, 16 homing shotgun blasts for the price of 3 shells each. By Grabthar's hammer, what a savings!

I wonder if explosive shotgun shells also ricochet...

What I'm saying is you should try out Gaige with Anarchy. It's ridiculous. But be warned; it takes a lot of stacking. 400 kills/reloads to be precise. Not hard, but may take a short while before you can start the cheese.

Beware; Gaige is a DLC character. If you're gonna buy BL2, get the GOTY edition. Way more worth your cash than just the base game.

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