Any Good Boy Names Meaning Coward?

I’m not sure why you felt the need to comment on something if you didn’t agree with the idea being set-forth? There’s nothing wrong with naming characters to literary meanings as a fun way to imbued the fantastical into a story.

—Matilda Wormwood being called a Maggot ups the impact. —Princess Azula having Blue Fire only makes her more fierce. —The land of Idris being one of enchanting colors. —Augustus Gloop being drowned in chocolate river. —Jon Snow being named for the titular reflection and meaning of “A Song of Ice and Fire” makes the impact greater.

It seems to work well for all these other writers who understand one thing—a story is a story, and it’s ok to be creative and fun. Not every name has to be derived strictly from a realistic parent name Worldbuilding association because guess what. . .

At the end of the day—it’s a story; it’s supposed to be FUN!

You do it your way—and myself and all these other famous writers will do it ours!

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