Any good Honda Mechanics in the Syracuse area that accept extended warranty? Idiots at Honda City refused to work on my civic that has a check engine light and decreased engine performance due to “aftermarket parts” only mod I have on my car is an Exhaust system.

You have a point, the car has been exhibiting this behavior long before I got the exhaust installed. It’s just gotten worse over time. Based on the symptoms like the hissing sound when I accelerate and surging RPMs going low speeds, I’m experiencing some kind of boost leak or vacuum leak. Likely due to a turbo underboost. I still say there’s nothing wrong with the fuel injectors, MAF sensor,etc because it’s getting 40+ mpg. But still nevertheless, they should have still diagnosed the car and had the bumper to bumper extended warranty cover the repair cost. Hell even I would have paid if it was something minor. But they never bothered to check. I’m thinking about just trading in the car and getting a GTI with a DCT.

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