Do any of you guys feel like you don't "fit in" the Filipino society as well?

Introvert here. Preferred 80's movies, music. Making Tiktok vids isn't my ace.

I don't follow most Pinoy Youtubers that were normally being followed by everyone. Yung iba, hindi ko gusto yung quality yung content or wala talagang quality. Yung iba, puro daldalan na walang sense. Only following Youtubers who were aligned with my interests, and yung may matutunan ako na bago. Not much of a fan for comedy.

I watch pageants from time to time, but not to the point na 'yun yung magiging buhay ko, na doon iikot lahat.

I am NOT A FAN of basketball. Period.

Plays CODM and games related to my interests, pero for leisure lang, as I have a life outside the virtual world.

Listens to Ben&Ben, but not IVOS. Hindi ko rin feel yung ibang OPM. Ewan ko, but listening to OPM were not really my type. Would prefer English-speaking radio stations.

Wala rin hilig sa K-Drama. Prefers movies na may substance. Formerly obsessed with Japanese culture due to the alignment with my interest.

I believe in God, but do not discriminate others who affiliated with other religious denomination. Religion will not be an issue for me, unless the religion meddles with my own basic rights, with anyone's basic rights, and the welfare of the community in general.

Tired of dating. HAHAHA

Prefers no condiments for fried foods. Does not like ketchup most of the time. Does not like UFC in general. Prefers Mafran banana ketchup.

Prefers fried chicken without breading (Chinese fried chicken, your carinderya's deep fried chicken na may pampalasa lang a-la Max's na malutong ang balat). Not that much of a fan of Jollibee's Chickenjoy.

Prefers meaty spaghetti (beef). Prefers Italian spaghetti more. Does not like the sweet taste of Pinoy spag.

It's really the preferences. It will not make you less of a Filipino, so go on, and enjoy your preferences.

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