Have any of you guys gotten a credit card you didn't really need just because it looked nice or cool?

I personally prefer not to use digital wallets - I figure it's one more place I could potentially get hacked.

Even so, I can't think of a single context where a card might "impress" someone. Retail workers couldn't care less. You could pull out a frickin' AmEx Centurion and I think 999/1,000 clerks wouldn't even recognize the card, let alone ooh or aah over it. When I'm out with friends and we're splitting a restaurant bill, no one's gonna inspect anyone else's card. And, for anyone who spares the pile of credit cards a quick glance, so long as you don't have like, I dunno, an X-rated photo embossed on your card or something, I don't think any card would stand out, positively or negatively.

The last time I was out with my friends, my small credit union credit card landed on the table next to two CSRs. My card didn't stand out visually at all.

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