Have any of you had male therapists? If so, was it easier to connect to him than a female therapist? Can you share your experience?

I've been in a LOT of therapy (many hours were required for my former job as a counselor, and I've done it on my own for like 20+ years).

I have had good and awful therapists who identify as men or women. However, there does seem to be a theme with male therapists that I've identified over time - they dismiss my experiences as a woman and often downplay negative experiences with men. I don't know if it's intentional or they're trying a technique that just doesn't work on me, but they've often pushed me to identify with men who have been abusive or dangerous, and minimized their behaviors. I have found that in general, women have been better at understanding complex relationships where gender is important, and to deeply understand what it's like to navigate the world as a woman. I've also never had a woman give me the absolute willies the way a few male therapists have. I've seen two who just give the WORST vibes and do small boundary-violating things like touching me too often, sitting too close, asking questions too related to sex, etc. The most I've ever had that happen with female therapists is if they asked if I wanted a hug at our last appointment, or a handshake when we first met. I've had male therapists try to hug me without asking.

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