Any help on preventing a relapse from going back to full blown choof choof train

My marijuana usage has fluctuated over the past few years. I'll give you examples of how I did what you did plenty of times.

February 2014 - Parents caught me with weed, drug tests caused me to stop for about a year. Did not have a problem quitting at the time as I was not smoking daily earlier.

February 2015 - Went back to blazing towards the end of February. Met a few guys and started smoking everyday. On average, my intake was about 2-4 grams a day.

May 2015 - Parents caught me again and grounded me for the whole summer (18 yrs. old at this point, but I'm still under their roof). Now, the first thing I thought about was "How am I going to get weed whilst not being allowed to go out?". I easily had many methods of getting it to me, but I thought about it.

What would happen if I just set an experiment with myself to quit for 'x' amount of time?

I told myself to stop smoking for a week. Before I knew it, it was 3 months in and I hadn't decided to smoke at all. Sure, I was offered many times and there were chances where it was right outside my door. This was complete self-experimentation, and I managed to strengthen my abilities to recognize and squash problems.

After I went away for College in August. I now smoke at my own leisure. I usually always have a good personal amount of marijuana in my dorm, but I do not smoke it everyday.

**TL;DR - Smoked, Took Break, Got caught (x2), now smoking at my own leisure with incorporated (not usually necessary) breaks.

What I want to know from my fellows here is did any of you smoke a bit of weed after saying youd quit and successfully stay the course without regressing back to old ways of doing and thinking?

So the answer to this question: Yes, I have done this but it's NOT for everybody to try/do. You now know your limits.

Good Luck!

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