Any huge watches that can do BP?

It wasn't just about the looks, really. Frequently lost connection with my phone (S23 Ultra). Apps would hang/crash randomly. I had issues with overheating and shutting down several times a day, too. Just seemed clunky and buggy. Plus, coming from an old school watch, having to charge it every day seems weird and scary to me. Haha

Apparently the number they assigned it was an active cell number and the previous owner apparently hadn't told anyone he had a new number....So I was getting texts and calls directly to the watch (and only to the watch) all hours of the day and night. Everything was properly paired and set up and number sharing was supposedly working. AT&T couldn't figure it out, either.

I'm kinda thinking about one of those Kospet Prime 2, but they don't seem to be made any longer.

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