Any idea if these parts are any good, looking for a few cheap upgrades for my bike.

Pedals: no, at least get the Fookers with metal pins or race face Chesters if you can.

Grips: you'll do fine with these. Might be more worth your money getting Ergon or PWN in terms of comfort and longevity

Stem: for me, it's a no. It's hard to not make a sturdy enough stem if you're not going for weight saving but given how important it, I wouldn't risk it. Especially with how inexpensive and proven Hussefelts are. I'd also ask yourself why you're upgrading the stem? If it's for fit, it can be a good upgrade if you know what changes you want to make. Besides that, there's no real benefits besides looks or shaving an extremely tiny amount of weight that's cheaper and easier to loose elsewhere unless everything on your bike is already carbon or ti.

Suggestion: if you're really looking for more things to buy for your bike, look at saddles. Contact points (you got the other 2) make some of the biggest differences. There's no one size fits all solution for saddles but a bike shop might let you try and few to find the right one. If you can swing it and don't already have one, dropper posts are a game changer. Tires are also an over looked early upgrade that can make a big difference and are on the lower end in terms of cost in comparison (nothing worth it's weight is cheap in this hobby)

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