Any Ideas on who it could be? (Not Harper) I’m thinking he could be targeting Martin Gonzalez

I’m hopeful for Duggar though he could be great in the future

Duggar is confusing. I think had Mac Williamson had some things go his way a year or so ago things might have been different for him. Sadly, I think he's done. I say sadly because couple years back I like many other Giants fans thought he had a bright future.

I have never bought into the Slater hype. He's just another of those gimmick like players that Giants fans love to over praise. Shaw was my favorite Giants prospect heading into 2018. I can't say things look great for him. His plus side is power. He's basically a one tool player. Still like the guy.

Duggar is a speedy defensive players. I think those 2 tools will keep him in the major whether it's a Giants uniform or not. As to his bat, I don't think it's there. I feel confident about Slater, Shaw and Mac fading into the sunset, but Duggar could very much be the one that makes me eat crow. On a plus note, the Giants hitting coaches praise both Shaw and Duggar for being open minded, listening, taking advice. It's the complete opposite of Brandon Belt. We all have heard the stories of Giants coaches and Belt. Which I think fuel the Belt Debates. Just saying, if both guys have a good attitude it might go a long way.

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