Any interesting builds...

Apart from spellblade as well, I did two other builds that work extremely well

Pistol run and gunner: mercenary + shaman + x (I took philosopher for Mana Regen)

wear a mix of movespeed and Mana reduction gear, buff up with empowered boons, summon your skeleton warrior and go to town with shrapnel shot and blood bullet

possibly the strongest build I tried, heal and damage on blood bullet is so strong you don't even really need to kite

2h hypertank: monk + rune sage + shaman

wear the heaviest armor you can find and then crank up the resistances even further with runic armor and master of motion

and while enemies attack you for minimal damage you smack them with a wind infused 2h mace or axe while under the effect of empowered rage and empowered discipline for chain knockdowns

also a quite ridiculous build but chugs quite a bit of Mana potions and food due to no Mana reduction armor and no philosopher regeneration

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