any mod recommendations

In addition to what's been suggested (namely Ordinator for perks), Wintersun (religion), Odin/Apocalypse (spells), Summermyst (enchantments), Ars Metallica (smithing - may conflict/overlap with smeltdown), Immersive Armor/Weapons, Immersive Citizens/Relationship Dialogue Overhaul. These are all great overhauls. Usually I play the game to level 10 and get bored, but this combination has kept me going into the mid-40's and I'm still loving it.

Survival mode from the Creation Club also hit hard for me. I've combined it with Campfire, AFT, Convenient Horses, and some other Campfire-based mods that add more objects/crafting stations for me to place. Gotta say, 10/10 experience.

Getting even half of these mods on a Console is another story though. I wish you luck with that part.

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