Know any "nice girls"?

Nah,it's just that I had to deal with a Nice Guy TM before,although he was bordering to asshole but he held a lot of negative beliefs for women and was very vocal about them.How they're backstabbing bitches,full of drama,manipulative,friendzoning good guys and fucking douches,how appearance didn't matter but he was still critical of my appearance and of course other females.He was not a "nice guy" in the passive-aggressive way,he was just an aggressive asshole with some sort of "nice guy" mentality,I just felt sad for him and had really developed feelings for him,plus we shared some common interests and it was really hard for me to cut off that sort of person till he started talking about harming himself cause I wouldn't do what he was asking me to do.But I can't keep falling for the same bullshit forever,so ya.Sorry,for mentioning this but I believe that was a wakeup call.The reason he was allowed to do that with me was because I had certain qualities that made it all the more easier.(and thank god he was just a person online and not irl,it would have been awful)

I think it's mostly cause if girls are disagreeable they are labeled "bitch" and I think most girls/women don't wanna be labeled a bitch,so yeah I would avoid disagreeing with something if I got called all those nice names afterwards.

Although to be honest,I was mostly angry because I'm pretty clueless about what to do,no one really gave me dating tips or tips for guys and when I asked they'd be like "wait till you start attending university".So being completely clueless and inexperienced makes you feel really insecure in the end.I'd rather people be honest instead of sugar coating stuff.That's what cost me the most I think,because I was pretty idealistic and you know movies and the likes don't really mirror reality or can give you advice on how to deal with things irl.

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