Any obscure content out there?

Those two are pretty obscure. I have a few more suggestions though.

In a relatively lesser known video, Sam is talking about how bad a guy Penn Jillette is:

No, wait, or is this Sam Harris?

This talk from 2005 is relatively lesser known because the video footage was only available on an obscure website and was not shared to YouTube until many years later. I think the audio has many more plays than the actual video footage:

If you're serious about obscure Sam Harris content, then you better find all of his videos from every angle - not just the "official" footage released on popular YouTube channels. Here's a video of a more well-known Sam Harris appearance, except from a different angle. In order to view it, you may need to follow Melissa Chen on Facebook:

This last one definitely takes the cake though. << Can you keep a secret? >> OK then, this stays between us...

So I once saw this video... It's literally so obscure that it's not even publicly available any more... It's so obscure, that it's been banned from the public eye and is now only known through legends told from Internet-father to Internet-son...

Many years ago, on a strange website only used by Portland hipsters with no life, Sam's wife accidentally uploaded a publicly visible video of Sam's daughter singing a song with her class. It was only publicly visible for a day or so, but you could hear Sam sitting beside his wife and talking with someone. X_X I feel like a psycho stalker to have even watched that video, but yeah, that was a real thing. As evidence that the legend is real, you can see on Annaka's Vimeo page that she has 2 videos associated with her account, but only 1 is publicly visible: Obviously, it was made private for a reason though, and we should respect their privacy. I swear the legend is real though!

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