Do any of you only date a certain race, and why?

I have mostly dated black people but I date people of all races. I've seriously dated just one white person (male), but usually I prefer to date people of color when it comes to interracial dating. In fact, it kind of annoys me that the term "interracial dating" implies that there is a white person involved by default. Just because neither party is white doesn't mean there aren't issues related to race.

Why? From an individual, regional standpoint: where I am now, a lot of black men are involved in the church, and while I respect their beliefs, sometimes their church values are too old- fashioned/conservative for me. I'm fairly adventurous when it comes to intimacy, and the traditional gender roles that today's church instills in their congregants ("a real man of God", "a real bride of God" etc) is really sexually stifling, and I prefer either bisexual men(#) or at least sexually open straight guys. These guys are more likely to not be black where I live. The black men who aren't like this seem to prefer non-black women.

With women I'm less open --- I can't really see myself with a white girlfriend. To be honest, I don't know why that is. My girl crushes have never been white, neither have any of my female partners. This kind of creates a drought for myself because the black lesbian scene here is so heteronormative, but I'm a femme who prefers other femmes.

Everyone knows that, so even if I put myself out there to other femme girls, they assume ultimately that I rather date butch (since that's just what we black queer girls do) or will back off if I get the attention of a butch chick (lol at the second one, I feel like I'm in the wild). To opt out of the rigid lesbian scene here I just get by with friends-of-friends for dating women, but this means I don't get to date a lot of women.

Fun fact: I dated an Asian guy who straight up told me that he doesn't date white women, and as much as I try, this can't not give him cool points in my book. Never told him this but we're still friends so if he still reads my reddit, he knows now...lulz.

More than anything else, I prefer other nerds. If he's a male gamer or programmer, he can't be the gamergate kind of gamer or programmer though. I don't like "not like other girls" girls either. But I just found that black male nerds prefer white or Asian girls, while non-black nerds date whoever (with one exception--higher tax bracket, more likely to prefer white women). So, I date non-black nerds more often.

(#)I like poly relationships (even though I can be monogamous just fine), I'm not fetishizing same-sex male relationships, it's just easier in a lot of ways to be in poly relationships with other bisexual people. But if a bi guy/girl wanted monogamy, that is fine with me too.

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