Any other f2ps out there suffering from the wrong kind if luck

I rerolled for Xander + Genius, considering how long that took I would never consider that "luck". That was just a straight up grind.

I bought the 5* ticket and got Xain

I got Lily in 10K Wyrm when I was going for Levi since I already had two water units that needed the dragon, now I've got three units no dragon.

I'm sure some people would say "I'm lucky since I have four 5*s, but the truth is I grinded for two of those through rerolling and paid $25 for one of them, so you can't really consider those to be part of this mess, since then I haven't actually pulled anything I was going for; so I'd say that's not lucky bar Lily (who again, not interested in, was not going for her).

(10K for Levi unachieved, and 20K for the above also unachieved: 30K rolls towards something I wanted and I got none of the above.)

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