Do any other guys think girls with tattoos and non ear piercings look trashy?

not necessarily trashy, but it can indicate impulsive and unstable behavior. i would not dismiss a person with a tattoo per se, but they start at a lower rating and have to work their way up.

everyone lives a fleeting life that they try to make permanent by achieving fame, hoarding material possessions, pictures, tattoos, etc. if the art of tattooing did not exist, much fewer people would have a need for it. but since it is there, people do it and rationalize their behavior. it is similar with ricers in the car community. they do it just because there's a product out there to give meaning to their pitiless life. it's a form of consumerism. they carry a phase of their life with them forever. not many things are that significant.

it is fine to get naturally scarred thru an experience. it is too try-hard to intentionally mark yourself. many people have lead a substantial life and they barely left a mark in history. there are better ways to express yourself than marking yourself.

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