Any other popotos occasionally struggle with finding themselves?

The name one is what I did b/c alliance raids and eureka became really messy

Now I'm purple, my party members are pink, and alliance members are green unless in battle (then they gone)

Also make sure your main focus is somewhere near your feet in-game. I have my hotbars+gauges+limit break+map+target bar just under my feet (limited gauges makes this a breeze) and thus I can find mechanics and react swiftly since I will have the boss targeted 99% of the time anyway. It also helps to remember your character will always be in the middle of your own screen, and zooming in and out a few times helps pinpoint exactly where. I'm playing fuckin zoomdoom mcrabbitspeed when I play, lots of zooming around and turning camera, however I'm so used to it myself I don't notice

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