Any Polish people who have spent most of their lives living outside of Poland, what was your experience like moving back?

Agreed, but a 2bdrm flat today just cost us over $2K for a month. That's more than our mortgage was for a large 4 bdrm (@ 3,000 sq ft) back home. I love most things about Poland, but I think we need to learn the language soon because I'm sure we're overpaying during this initial adjustment period.

Congrats on getting a sooner appointment. Our insurance hasn't kicked in yet, so I'm paying cash for an upcoming surgery, but even doing so, it was less than what I would've paid back home with insurance. The paperwork that I signed said that it'll only be between $250 - $750 if I did the conversion correctly.

I hope we adjust soon to this new country. There's so much that we truly do like about it. It's just hard going to a new place and not understanding many of the things that other people have probably known since they were little. It's part of the experience though and that's part of what we were after. I can't wait to look back in a year and see everything from a new perspective.

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