Have any of you returned to the faith?

Both me and my husband did. I was born in the church and at about 18 decided I didn't want to be a member (I never had my records removed). I started drinking and lived with boys and while my parents somewhat knew they didn't really. I attended church with them when I came into town as I always felt the spirit even when I was not active. Fast forward 3 years and I was playing volleyball at a D1 college, I was severely depressed and tried to drink myself to death a couple times. I had a friend invite me to ARP (addiction recovery program) and while I don't think I was actually addicted to alcohol I realized I was addicted to hurting myself because I thought I deserved it. ARP helped me see that I was worth more than I thought and I was not my sins. It also helped me realize the gospel is not the people in the church. (My dad was a stake president and he was not a great dad which was one of the reasons I left - he was very hypocritical). Anyway I started going back to church with my roommate and shortly after met my husband. He had been inactive for 6 years prior of us meeting (he had started going back to church a year before we met). He woke up one day and realized he wasn't happy so he started going to church. We both realized the church made us happier. Then we met and were married in the temple. (I should note he did not go on a mission and has a tattoo and at first my dad did not like him and even told him no when he asked for permission - but my husband asked me anyway and he's now the favorite). I now love to share my experience because the Atonement is SO amazing and I think it's important for members to know that the church is NOT about being perfect and you don't have to be perfect to be a good member.

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