Any skin care advice for me?

Stupid phone app won't let me write a description.

Okay so I'm 22, I wash and moisturise my face twice a day, I try and drink plenty of water, avoid oily foods. I have a very bad patch of acne around my chin that is always red and painful, I don't pop anything unless it's big and I do it as hygienically as possible (i.e in the shower or whilst I'm washing my face) the rest of my face is very bumpy and rough and most products don't work. I've got very large pores but toners irritate me and make my skin dry and red, I've tried gentle cleansers with no fragrances, I've tried exfoliating once a week, masks usually irritate me and hot weather causes my face to break out badly so summer is my enemy. I've tried home remedies like honey, apple cider vinegar, crushed up pain killers, lemon juice and honey etc. At one point I used pro active and it was so horrible my skin just went insane with red bumps (never again). I dont know why it's so bad just around my chin but it affects my confidence and ability to look professional because if I wear make up I get a severe break out and makes my skin even worse.

Here's a list of products I've tried:

Burt's bees orange cleanser Burt's bees cotton cleanser "Say yes to" range Phisophex Pro active Rose extract cleanser (I forget the name) Biore charcoal cleanser and exfoliator

Anyway that's all I can remember

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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