Any suggestions for adventure mods [1.7.10]

When I get home I can provide you with the list of mods I've been playing with, and I can provide some of the config files to help fix some incompatibilities, it's a huge modpack with over 200 mods, I've been having to smooth out a few minor issues as I've been going along, Minetweaker Recipe maker is a must, even without my huge list.

I've got many exploration mods, Biomes O plenty, Mariculture (underwater biomes) and best of all, Realistic Terrain Generation, I do technically have Alternate terrain generation, I actually installed and configured it by accident, thinking it was the same as Realistic terrain generation, but Atg contributes a few biomes to Rtg so I kept it.

Roguelike dungeons and battle towers add interesting things to explore and fight in, The Twilight forest adds a realm of bossfights and Aromas mining world allows you to quarry areas without worrying about making your overworld look bad, I've been actually building a little village in my mining world as a hub for my resourcing operation, so it's not only good for mining.

Additionally I've got several redundant mods, for example I've got Industrial craft as well as, Immersive engineering, thermal expansion and even more after that, this was intentional because I wanted the ability to go multiple paths for the same thing if I felt like it, you may want to prune this back if you're looking for a less 'bloated' modlist.

And another little thing I did, is I cranked the size of most ore veins through the roof, because I rush quarries it just makes the game much faster and less grindy, but you may not want this and I can easily put that lower if you want it.

I don't particularly want to make it into a public modpack because getting permissions is irritating, but I can provide the list, configs and various fixes.

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