Any teaching positive subs?

Canada offers extremely good pay. It looks like there's high variability within Europe, similar to or more extreme than the variability within the US: "According to a comparative study conducted in 2011 by the EU Commission, a primary school teacher in Germany earns between EUR 38,200 and EUR 51,400 a year. But salaries depend on the level of seniority. A middle school teacher earns between EUR 42,200 and EUR 57,900, while salaries at the high-school level range from EUR 45,400 to EUR 64,000. Salaries are higher in Luxembourg where teachers can earn up to EUR 101,500 a year. Bulgaria brings up the rear with salaries averaging just EUR 4,300 a year – a starvation wage." This is an extremely comprehensive overview if anyone cares or is writing a research paper about global education, lol.

But I find averages in the US relatively meaningless since certain states like NJ, NY, MA, CT, IL, etc. heavily skew the numbers, and there are so many other regional and local factors at play. I will say that the salary range for the district where I live goes from just over $34K for a first-year teacher with a BA (pretty shitty considering the current COL) to nearly $78K for a teacher with a PhD and 30 years of service; realistically most teachers at the five-year mark here are still only making under $41K (that includes BA+15 and MA). Other districts 10 to 20 miles away start new teachers with BAs at $40K+, but many of those schools serve far more challenging populations or require more instructional days. There are so many variables!

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