Any temporary foreign workers in Edmonton?

You're not a racist. But you're sure good at providing a broad, generalized and biased picture of just one side. I don't know what you have against TFW's or those who are part of the program, but you sure sound bitter for some reason.

I know one thing though. I'd much rather be served by those who work hard and are thankful for their jobs and treat their customers right than those with "I'm too good for this shitty job" attitudes acting as though they deserve and the world owes it to them to be working somewhere.

Because of the way many retail and service workers were before the introduction of TFW program that it doesn't have me shedding any tears now that there are many TFW's are behind the counter. I've had one too many assholes and bitches serving me with attitudes.

And I chuckled at your last line there. So, I take it you're a "normal Canadian"? What does that mean, exactly?

I'm a proud Canadian. I have a job and I work hard. I provide for my family, own my house and pay my personal and small business income taxes. I have a full time job often having me put in over 60 hours a week when the rigs are up and running and I still manage to squeeze out some time for my small business on weekends.

Between mid August and mid December last year, between my full time job and my small business, I didn't have a single day off. Not one. I don't steal, cheat nor have a criminal record and as long as I live the way I do, will I ever. What does that make me? An abnormal Canadian then because I don't view TFW as a "mismanaged abortion of a program"?

I'm always perplexed by people like you who are resentful towards those who have don't even have a say how the TFW is run. Are you this resentful and disdainful towards the companies that hire TFW's? Are you this way towards the Canadian government who introduced and administer the program?

Didn't think so.

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