Any tips for a high round Revelations attempt?

I've made it to 109, but I could have gone way farther, it's just a really easy map, all I do is don't open the door to origins in spawn and I sit in front of the jump pad with the apothicon servant and dg4. For gobblegums I run: • alchemical for servant ammo if you run low •immolation to set up and so I don't move the box and get firesales (without the fire sale drop you get more max ammos) •Unquenchable, I don't use perkaholic because QR gives death machine drops, so I want everything but QR and Deadshot (there's no use for deadshot) •Wall power to save me points, I usually buy the M1927 once I do the chalk EE •Cache back for if I can't get alchemical and desperately need ammo Basically I just train in the pack a punch til about 50 with dead wire on the M1927 and then sit next to the jump pad and shoot the apothicon servant to fill my ragnaroks, slam down and then repeat. Having the thunder gun is helpful for killing margwas/panzers, and if you REALLY want to go for high rounds you can even get the god mask

If anyone has any tips for me on better ways let me know because I'm sure there are other ideas out there

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