Any tips for moving out for the first time?

ALWAYS take pictures before and after you move into a new apartment. Every corner, nook and cranny. It’s for your own protection when you decide to move out again and if you by chance get a scummy landlord who wants to keep your deposit or even blame you for damages that may be wear and tear or damage they’ve randomly accused you of.

Set up your bedroom first when you move and make sure your bed is all set. After a long day of moving you can fall right into it.

Keep records of everything financial, including security deposits you pay and other obligations. Keep all your important documents in one very secure location.

Plan your finances and savings carefully, and do save as much as you can while occasionally treating yourself. There will always be something unforeseen that pops up that will require unexpected expenses.

Make sure to keep up on small amounts of cleaning and regularly schedule major cleaning, like bathroom or dusting and laundry. If you clean here and there all the time you’ll always have less of a mess and your apartment space will be a lot more comfortable.

Think carefully about pets you may want to get for loneliness. Sometimes they’re much more of a financial hassle than you’re prepared for and vet bills do come up. Some apartments won’t even charge a fee for “pocket pets” and will sometimes even allow them in pet free places or places that say they don’t want them on the lease. Doesn’t hurt to ask. My apartments say in the lease that they’re not allowed but we asked and got approval for all our snakes and geckos.

Always read apartment leases carefully. There are extra fees sometimes and quiet hours as well as other regulations. Sometimes apartments will try to shove shady things into their leases. Research your area’s tenant rights and stand by them.

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