Do any women 26+ have small, close groups of friends like in movies? How did you acquire such a group?

I'm 28 and I just realized that this is an accurate comparison to my current circle of friends. I always go out with the same people for at least 5 years now.

Anyway, I met my close friends in college when I became an activist, not from my classes. I guess the nature of our bond, being political activists in a country where it's hella scary to be one, made our relationship stronger over the years.

Most of us in our group are no longer full-time activists/organizers as we've decided to take full-time jobs to help our families. But we stayed really close and we were even roommates for a few years until our workplaces changed recently before COVID-19, and it became impractical to keep our apartment. But we still go out almost every weekend before the pandemic, and talk almost every day through texts, which is mostly just us sending dumb memes and videos we find on social media.

Personally, I'm no longer going out of my way to meet new people coz most of the time it turns out I don't really like them anyway. Lol. I'm cool with my other long-time friends, but the level of trust and bond within this particular group is just incomparable.

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