Any women feel like you're almost exclusively attracted to people more conventionally attractive than yourself? If so, how do you cope?

This is going to be a weird perspective, but here goes.

Look at nature. The male Cardinal bird is flashy and quite a spectacle. The female is drab and unremarkable save her bright red beak.

Male humans are also the more attractive sex, they have thicker skin around their eyes so 'dark circles' don't show, skin on their face is thicker and slower to display wrinkles. Their eyebrows are thicker, so visually that balances out any sagging of wrinkles that do form beneath the eyes.

Men are beautiful. I think that females use makeup and pretty hair to try to equate themselves with men's innate beauty.

Women mature faster in puberty and young women are usually beautiful. In an average woman, they often get pregnant and that's a fuckload of havoc to wreak on a woman's body. Cue stretch marks, weight gain, spotty skin from hormones, etc.

Most women wouldn't be very attractive after a pregnancy, especially without our makeup. But that's strictly the nature of our species. And our species depends on reproducing so the female is successful biologically if she has borne a child.

Men are the providers and I do so love that instinct in men, to provide and protect their family whether it's a woman or a family.

Male metabolism is pretty awesome compared to women's. They get big sexy muscles from less gym time than women typically put in. They are living breathing sex machines.

As a woman of thirty, I can tell you with certainty that beauty hits some bumpy roads around the childbearing years but the men always look goooood.

So don't assume guys are out of your league, age is a great equalizer. Dudes wake up the same every day but women have their weight and hormones on an ever changing cycle. It used to drive me a bit crazy. And I know a lot of dudes who I think could "do better", but they fell in love with some chicks and are totally committed to them and I understand it now.

Men are really the more attractive species--look at George Clooney. His desirability shoots up with his age, and the same does not happen with women.

Ask that boy out! I know several women who don't seem as attractive as their husbands. But men love women for many more complex reasons than prettiness.

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