Any word on Lightning's Blazefire Saber being glamourable for Gunbreaker?

I was more making fun of the fact that you think coding is simple. "JUST RESIZE IT AND ADD A GNB TAG!" I wasn't being hostile or overly negative.

Instead, you're taking it personally and just flailing your arms around demanding people take you seriously. I didn't say anything at all about it being "damaging", yet here you are throwing that at ME, where all I did was call you sweet and innocent.

You want me to actually be hostile and negative towards you? Okay, here it goes!

Do you really think that it's as simple as copy/pasting the code, adding GNB to the Job list, and doing a quick and dirty 'resize'? Good god, you're ignorant. If you didn't have such thin skin and could realize how badly misinformed you are about how coding actually works, you'd be able to take a step back and have a laugh at it all.

Do you have any idea how many hundreds of hours it would take to deal with this request? No, because it's simply to "resize & add a GNB tag". Do you have any idea how many people actually own this weapon right now, and would use it? No, you don't. Because you're selfish and thinking you've got a great idea here. Do you have any idea how many other items they'd have to update for all other jobs if they did this one request? No, because you're narrow-sighted and only looking at this one item to appease this great idea you had. Do you have any idea how many players would be upset that they "wasted time on this stupid idea when they could be working on ACTUAL content instead"? No, because you seem to be new to this game and don't realize how the players react to stupid stuff like this.

You wanted negativity and hostility, there you go. Be careful what you wish for, when someone who knows better calls you 'sweet and innocent' kid. That shit might come back to actually bite you in the ass one day for real.

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