Have any of youse lost a substantial amount of weight and actually feel worse now?

Kind of, although in my case it's only partially the loose skin/damage to my confidence, it's mostly my actual health.

My weight loss trashed my gallbladder. The first time I went to the ER for a gallbladder attack, they discovered that I have an incurable genetic kidney disease that will eventually probably put me on the transplant list, and in the mean time, may cause me to have an enlarged, pregnant-looking abdomen. I got my gallbladder removed last week, and I think because of the extra skin, the scar I'm going to have is deeply puckered, and now my torso, in addition to having a bunch of loose skin, is also pretty asymmetrical looking. I also just look older now.

I know that overall, trading 100 lbs for my gallbladder was probably worth it, and I feel better in terms of movement, heart rate, etc.. But definitely weight loss has not been the confidence boost I expected, and I feel less healthy right now than I ever did when I was fat.

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