anybody else find that “mood reading” wreaks havoc on your relationships in the wake of your abuse?

I want to sincerely thank you for articulating something that’s led me to profoundly understand myself better. I always knew that I could scan a room like this, but never knew why. Until this post. It’s a shame that some of the people they are technically “closest” to me don’t actually know me at all, because I craft my responses based on my mood reading assessment. And like you as well, my prediction abilities are spot on.

“Divorcing” my family has helped a lot with this. This way, I only have to put myself in this mood reading/situation predicting scenario once a year. Also breaking up with certain friends as well. Now, I’m surrounded by such a great group of people.

I’ve never been able to stop mood reading rooms, but I have been able to control my responses to it and feel that I have a realistic control on it. I let myself reveal to a friend or coworker that I’ve picked up on a subtle energy they are putting out once a week maximum- I’ve turned this into something that truly emotionally recharges instead of drains me. For example, with a friend subtly sinking into a depressive episode, I can pick up on this and reach out, and they later let me know they were grateful that I was the only one that reached out in a moment where they needed it the most, and then our friendship overall grows stronger. I’m very strict with the one per week maximum, because this is something that could personally snowball out of control for me. For everything else that I pick up on, I have my partner and a couple close friends that know of my abilities and it’s nice to just let them know what I picked up on to share the thought, be validated, and then release the thought.

This response is way too long, but there are other positives too. I’m in med school and things that only I have picked up on has literally saved some of my patients lives. It’s unfortunate that we both acquired this skill how we did, but there’s a lot of good we can end up doing with it (that can emotionally recharge us too).

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