Anybody else not allowed to close their door when you were growing up/living with your parents?

I never had this happen to me but my brothers did. My N's logic for not doing it to me was "because I'm a girl." No wonder my brothers grew up to hate women. My mother did often yell at me for not being "open" with her, though - she didnt mind me closing my physical door, but she would not stand for it when I closed my emotional door to her.

My husbands mother took his door off for months after he was caught selling porn mags to the other kids at his Christian school. She also destroyed his comic book collection. He became a very bitter, angry youth after that.

I personally ask my kids not to lock their doors, but only because I am afraid of something happening and I am not able to get to them in time (daughter is disabled - I worry she could slip in the shower, for example) We have a hard and fast knock and wait for permission to enter in our house, and even they respect that rule for each other without issue. Otherwise they generally leave their doors open anyway unless they are changing.

Funny thing... I learned if you love and respect your kids's personal space, they usually dont want you to fuck off. /s :) If only Mother had learned that.

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